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first Blog entry and WOW! Kindred Spirit article

By samb, Sep 1 2018 12:59PM

Welcome to my new blog!

Having been on such an adventure over the past 3 years, leaving teaching and embracing the journey so I can actually be in it, live it and remember it, I begin with a celebration! I was contacted by Kindred Spritit magazine a while ago, asking if I could send over some pieces for an article. Fabulous I cried, expecting a small piece, at the back, probably next to the bar code. Then to recieve the copy I was blown away with a double page spread!!!

Filled with such gratitude that such things were indeed possible, making the game I play, inside my head, actually real!

I think of such things, just before I fall asleep, you know, visualising the dream, rehearsing the Jonathan Ross interview, sat next to Idris and Daniel, being all spiritual, calm and interesting, probably sitting crossed legged, wearing flip flops and some hippy number.

Anyway, dur durrrr, Wow! An honour and a pleasure to be recognised, and even though I claim its not needed, authenticity in the real world. (A place I dip in and out of, like for shopping and stuff.)

Big Love Sam xxx

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